Migration of companies to Cloud from Premise. Reasons and Benefits.

7 min readJan 18, 2021


In the ever competitive market of today’s world cloud has proven itself to be at the forefront of saving us time and money. Most of the companies today prefer to opt for a cloud computing service rather than using premise infrastructure based data storage and computing methods.

It is said that cloud computing is good for startups, but not every corporation may feel the same.

Although on premise computing comes with its own benefits you can easily do the same in cloud environments. In addition, cloud services include a lot more than what can be offered with on premise data centers all coming for a much cheaper price and much less time to be up and running.

Let us dissect further the reasons on why many companies today are choosing the cloud over infrastructure.


Although it dates to the ’60s, the term cloud computing was initially popularized by the launch of AWS back in 2006 when they launched their Elastic compute Cloud. Other major organizations soon followed suit. With key players like Google, Microsoft and even Nasa the development of cloud computing seemed like seconds on the timescale of technological history. It happened so fast that the memories of slow and unreliable technology might still be very fresh.


Using cloud computing can make your office more productive.

From young startups to third generation conglomerates could handle it all. No matter the size of data there is always enough space in a cloud environment to fit your data. The flexibility of cloud computing reaches many heights.

It is easy to handle, that means even a non technical professional can easily understand the usage and start working efficiently. Being an open source anybody who has an access key can see and use the data for his/her work unlike specific on premise data center based applications which might need a required course offered from the company of hiring to completely understand the functions. This delays the production and operations. Let’s not rule out the fact that even a senior level employee might behave like a fresher around the new type of IT solution he/she faces in the company. Yet again being an open source proves itself beneficial.

24*7 Workflow

One of the best outcomes of opting Cloud services can easily be its ability to work anywhere at any time. Cloud services are 100% remotely accessible even on a mobile device. Keeping a track of the amount, size, time, and other qualifications that come bundled here. Interestingly, cloud services have automated record keeping and metric measurements of the quality of work through data visualization features.

What does it mean?

It most certainly shows that your employees can be present anywhere at any time, come the need and the chances of the work getting done are 100% given there is an internet connection.

Also, unlike a premise-based data computing setup, cloud computing provides an enterprise with automatic upgrades from time to time. All the upgrades are done while maintaining the servers keeping the continuity of the businesses enacted while performing an upgrade. The upgrades are done by the third-party server enabling the business to focus on more important tasks instead of focusing on an hour-long update to the data. The cloud can help to keep businesses going even when disaster strikes like COVID-19. Is your company

Ready to continue business without facing downtime in a crisis like today?

Cost Reduction

The overall objective of any business is to make a benefit and cut operational costs at every possible opportunity. The best advantage of moving to the cloud is obviously a monetary one.

Organizations, regardless of their sort or size, by moving to the cloud can save significantly. You can save money on capital expenses through a decrease in spending on gear, on-premises employment framework and programming. If necessary, you can also rent extra processing power without putting resources into purchasing new servers. On the off chance that you utilize the assets of your cloud service provider appropriately, you will see a significant decrease in both capital and operational costs. Most cloud service providers’ contracts incorporate the expenses of framework updates, new equipment, and software features. In addition, by moving to cloud-based applications, you additionally save a major part of energy utilization for running your data center. Since the cloud is utility based, you just pay the service provider for what you use when you need it. Consequently, with pay-per-use and subscription-based structures, cloud services require a lower initial capital and gradually lower other costs compared to ‘on-premises’ models. Now that’s some way of increasing profits.

Increased Agility

As an entrepreneur, one must be aware of what are the needs of his possible clientele. It is also highly likely that the company delivers good products and services to the ever-hungry market. So, what is the catch? What makes some grow well and others don’t.

One word, Time. In the book “ The Billionaire’s Secret: How the World’s Wealthiest People Get Rich and Stay Rich with Preferred Securities” it is mentioned that the time taken to implement a billion-dollar idea is crucial for how much it’s actually going to worth.

You need to answer the customer’s demands quickly and correct. Staying competitive is not the competition rather being fast is. Cloud is the only way to that at the utmost pace. It is the only thing that enables an Enterprise to respond to customer needs and concerns in real-time. An improved speed is not where it ends. The other major feature is that it puts all the tools in one place. From writing tools, presentations, instant messaging, visualization creates a fully equipped environment for an organization to perform any major task with ease.

Office applications like Microsoft Office 365 consistently offer better availability. As indicated by Cisco’s whitepaper, cloud-services for remote working collaboration help to improve the performance of a company by 400%. It additionally empowers quicker execution processes. What’s more, when there is a streamlined approach to reach the target, it increases employee satisfaction and leads to better business output.


By far, the only thing stopping many corporations from adopting the Cloud is the fact that it is open to cybercrime. Well, it’s not actually true to the word. Firstly, let’s establish that loss of data due to hardware failure is out of the question. All you pretty much need is a working computer and an internet connection and you’re good to go. While adopting cloud services you’re also adopting a team of highly skilled professionals hired to handle any scenarios of security breaches. On occasions like security breaches and online attacks, your employee cannot access the required data. A highly skilled cybersecurity team of cloud service providers works 24X7 to limit online attacks and threats. Data encryption methods secure the data to even a further extent making it impossible for others to get into your data center.

Easier recovery options and backups help to get hands-on data again. Also, in occasional scenarios of such occurring, the security maintains to get the systems to bounce back thus keeping halt out of question.

To those who are majorly concerned with high grades of security like many International Banks let’s say don’t fix it if it’s not broken but while doing that you limit your employees as well as your customers to small amounts of services only. Not just that to today’s scenario where being present inside a bank might be a death threat cloud services are more than necessary for even daily chores.

Let’s not forget the “Mother Earth”

Don’t you think electronic waste is already a big enough hazard to the environment? It consists of a multitude of components that might as well be toxic. Studies show that it can have an adverse effect on human health and other environmental components very soon if we don’t pay attention.

Adopting cloud computing will put your company on an environmental advantage wherein while cutting costs and saving money you also save your company from producing any electronic waste whatsoever.

You see where we’re going right?

Well, it will be foolish to not mention that this component ensures the well-being and future of our home as human beings. Being an environmentally friendly company, you can encourage your employees to follow environmental safety in their personal lives. In such situations like Covid-19 where the imbalance on Earth has reached safety concerns and many demises, it should be advised to not be abusive towards the ecosystem any more.

Also, with lesser need for going to office AQI will become better ensuring better health and lifespan for today and tomorrow. What do we understand from this?

All of this concludes that Cloud services bring in ease of access and working while saving an enterprise ton of money. It also means that the company is likely to perform and achieve much better and bigger.

Also, such adoption will most definitely lead you to provide high-quality services in no time adding up to increased customer and employee satisfaction. In a manner, cloud computing is making its way to becoming a synonym of success. Cloud technology not just rolls around the Data Centre. It is about streamlining business processes to make organizations and people more strategic, adaptable to change and more service-oriented.




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