How is Artificial Intelligence Driving Hollywood?

Artificial Intelligence in Movies

Integration of Artificial Intelligence in movie making was a far-fetched idea until a few years back. Although, just like other sectors, filmmaking has also accepted AI with open arms. The real question is how are they using AI in Hollywood? One of the tasks that AI already does at VFX studio Industrial Light & Magic is scheduling and managing the work of its animators and visual effects artists. One of the use cases of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms in editing software is that it matches dialogue spoken in the news to the script, allowing the editor to quickly find every take and angle for that part of a scene. Hence, ML algorithms can be great time savers, even when they’re only 80 or 90 percent effective. Sometimes their guesses tend to match a person’s guess.

However, the arguments around AI enhancing creativity are still debatable. One such debate is whether creative industries really need new technologies like AI in the future? Many creative minds worry that the increasing dependence on AI will kill the freedom to take risks and will lower the scope of experimentation with outside-the-box ideas. However, advocates of AI argue that money should not be wasted on failed ideas. Hence, AI can be a means to select an idea that would value more for the media business.

Realistically, the best option for creative success lies somewhere in the middle, with a strong melding of creativity and AI working together to inform creative decisions and birth more targeted, more relevant acquisition and creative decisions. Read how AI-enabled routes may lead media and entertainment companies to a new and exciting future.

Software Eliminating Mundane Tasks

Some jobs in the visual effects industry are becoming obsolete as computers become more adept at performing repetitive tasks. For instance, an experienced visual effects artist no longer needs to be good at painting backdrops or manually editing video clips. Instead, they can now do more creative work by training algorithms to do the same. Just like computers, animators can now automatically render high-quality visual effects.

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Disneyland’s Autonomous Robot Stunt Doubles

Meanwhile, Disney Imagineering has built robot acrobats that can fly high into the air to later be edited to look like the performers. The Stuntronics robot features an onboard accelerometer and gyroscope, and it can now fly through the air with both hands. Its body is sculpted to resemble a character from a comic book or film, and it can do tricks with both hands.

For mid-show shots, Imagineering could use hero animatronics like the Shaman to provide nuanced performances. For a more dramatic transition, a Stuntronics double would fly across space on its very own.

Deep Fake Apps: Means to Spread Information or Misinformation

Deep Learning (DL) can make a person look like a celebrity. Unbelievable right! In fact, this technology solves complex challenges which artists and normal tools found baffling. More innovations in DL have led to deep fakes. It’s been possible to alter video footage for decades. But doing it took time, highly skilled artists, and a lot of money. Deepfake technology could change the game.

The deep fakes allow a person to create a very convincing simulation of a human subject. It gives ample photographic evidence on which to train the machine about what the image should look like. As it develops and proliferates, anyone could have the ability to make a convincing fake video, including some people who might seek to “weaponize” it for political or other malicious purposes.

To conclude, the future of AI used in Hollywood doesn’t mean removing creative actors out of the frame. Rather, a future where creative people focus on their creative skills as they work alongside the time-saving algorithms. Eventually, eliminating mundane tasks.

Artificial Intelligence in movie making is still under research. There are still more avenues that can be transformed by new technologies. Hopefully, in just a few years, visual effects and quality improvement departments can start feeling the AI wave.



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