Automating Administrative Tasks? AI is your Answer!

4 min readSep 9, 2021


The education vertical is moving as fast as any other vertical in the industry. And with the advent of technological tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning, the effort to transform the operations in the education sector is consistent even more now. This means automating administrative tasks with AI is taking a turn now!

The benefits of automating operations in the education industry are numerous for administrators, instructors, administrative personnel, and students. According to a recent webinar, most AI solutions are predicted to come from existing academic institutions trying to automate and improve dull repetitive operations such as organizing class schedules, keeping track of student attendance, processing grades, admitting new students, and so on.

How does Automating Administrative Tasks Work?

To put it in simple terms, automation is the act of employing technology to do repetitive and monotonous duties, which allows you to reduce manual effort in repetitious admin tasks and devote more time to quality teaching and learning.

For students, automation allows them to better manage their time and concentrate on their academic and learning objectives. Automation helps by reducing the problems that school instructors and administrators experience on a daily basis in and out of the classroom. Instead of dealing with heaps of paperwork, grading materials, and rules to follow, simply employing artificial intelligence to automate processes will help educational institutions to let their students utilize their time in a better way and be more productive.

Let’s look at the process of automating administrative tasks with AI!

  • Student Onboarding

Electronic admissions applications assist everyone, whether it’s a graduate school or any other academic institute. One won’t have to worry about missing pages or coffee-stained paperwork, and applications will be routed to the appropriate person instantly. Sending out automatic email or text alerts to important staff whenever a new application is received is an even better and hassle-free option with automation.

  • Grading and Assessment

In schools, automation can be used to grade smaller tasks like homework assignments, quizzes, and some minor class tests.

As a result of this, teachers will be able to spend more time outside of the classroom grading papers and projects and less time after school on quizzes and homework. This method would allow students to get feedback on their work more quickly.

  • Student Attendance

Another common yet obligatory procedure that most educational institutions follow on a regular basis is attendance. It’s critical to keep precise records of faculty and school administration in order to ensure that everyone on your team is fairly compensated. One can, for example, collect information for their employees’ work log by using the correct automation solution for daily attendance tracking.

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  • Backoffice Tasks

HR, Administration, Accounts, Marketing, and other support functions can now automate their manual tasks. Thereby, removing the use of physical paper forms, focussing on improving the operations’ efficiency, agility, and transparency.

Report cards, certificates, payslips, and other reports are now easy to generate automatically utilizing data gathered in the system, reducing the chances of human error.

  • Compliance and Auditing

Where there is an organization, there has to be a set of rules, and compliance with them becomes an altogether different task. Of course, when keeping in check that proper auditing is done, the involvement of a heap of paperwork becomes inevitable. But, what if we say that these records and audits can be filed on a system online? Yes, automation does its magic even in this area.

In fact, mobile devices can be used to conduct on-field audits in offline mode, with the ability to capture images, signatures, and other documents and attach them to the audit.

The Verdict

The process approach to growing AI use in administrative areas is getting better and starting to make sense for students and teachers. People in various educational institutions are interested in using AI to save time and experience it with more convenience, of course still needing a person when they want one.

Today’s narrow AI options help practices remove mundane tasks while providing a better experience for all. When done the right way, it can provide the perfect balance between technology and human interaction.




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